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Katherine and Jeffery

When I first met the bride, she was looking for something that felt different from any ubiquitous wedding. We spoke of evoking feelings of ethereal movement, fine art aesthetics, and a sophisticated color palette of warm tones that hint at old world elegance whilst juxtaposing contemporary compositions. One of the source images Katie provided was the "Butterfly Parade" charger plate by Christian Lacroix. With a mutual affection for butterflies, we decided to pull design elements from the plate to build our story.


Looking at the butterflies within the context of the dark paneled country club, and considering the time of year, we built a landscape of natural, worldly textures, clean lines, graphic color pops, and airy floral moments.


The unusual color story of dusty blues, chocolate browns, chartreuse, and pomegranate was a cheeky play of the feminine natural world versus the strong masculine energy of the historic architecture. To soften the darker paneled walls and bring the eye upwards to the lighter ceiling, we built sculptural trees of curly willow, dried green hydrangea, and deconstructed bells of Ireland blooms "falling" from the branches. When guests were seated, it created a canopy of suspended movement above them. Patterned lighting projected onto the floors reinforced a "dining under the trees" feel.


Tabletops were anchored by heavy crystal, marble, and hand built ceramic moon jars. Local garden roses, tweedia, cosmos, and lisianthus added flirty movement and feelings of abundance. A favorite element that perfectly embodied the concept was black pansies planted in crystal vases, with root systems and soil highlighted by the clear glass.


To soften the room and highlight the head table, we built a massive, freestanding, garden framing the fireplace. All eco-friendly, foam-free, the installation was built with massive birch branches, hundreds of antique hydrangeas, fern, and moss. The final floral touches included floating dried hydrangea and bells of Ireland. What was intended to soften turned into a wonderful grounding moment, as the installation set the focus directly on the bride and groom.


The crown jewels were arguably the ethically farmed, taxidermized Morpho butterflies added to larger installations. Vivid electric blue wings reflected light back into the room like sparkling sapphires.


Bridal bouquet was inspired by petite spring blooms and the bride's garden motif gown; composed of lily of the valley, dutch lilac, love in a puff, and wild smilax.  





PLANNING  |  Intertwined Events

DESIGN | Nicole Chapman Design

VENUE  | Los Angeles Country Club

SEASON  |  Fall

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